The rules of The Junior Golf Player Series

Helpful tips and our ‘It’s okay to’ rules…

Aim of the game: to get the golf ball in the hole in as few shots as possible.

Where do we start from? Always play from the tee area. You can use a tee peg here if you like.

In your group, play the first ball that you come to. Do not walk in front of a golf ball being played. Stay a safe distance from swinging golf clubs.

What if the ball is lost in the long grass? Quickly try and look for it (5 mins max). If you can’t find it, drop another ball close to where the ball was lost and add 1 shot. Drop the ball on some short grass and not in the rough.

There is a maximum of 10 shots on each hole. Once the 10th shot has been played, pick up your golf ball. This keeps the pace of play to a good time for everyone.

Replace your divot – any grass that is hit out of the ground.

If your ball is in a bunker (sand) and have hit the ball twice and your ball is still in the bunker, throw the ball out of the bunker and add one shot – make it a good throw!

If the golf ball is missed (air shot) it does not count as a shot.

If the ball is in the rough grass (long grass) the player should have one attempt at hitting the ball out. If the ball remains in the long grass, move it out of the long grass without penalty.


Healthy Competition

A little fun competition teaches us to bring our best effort.

Competition does not have to be feared, that’s why we make it fun.

Competition teaches us to cope when things do not go our way.

Competition teaches us to play by rules.

Competition is fun.

Competition can build self-esteem.

junior golf competitive

Add your scores to the live leaderboard

Follow your golfers improvement over the tournaments.  When viewing a scoreboard you can click on the golfers name and see all the tournaments they have played in and their scores.

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